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DeDe Van Riper
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Mike is an awesome chiropractor. The way that he explained to me that the brain and nervous system are in control of all things related to my health and then was able to measure that and show me where my imbalances were. I truly feel that I am in the right place with my care and that the adjustment I received was a healing, life changing adjustment. I am in good hands!”
Deanna Pelillo
Satisfied Patient
“He’s a great Doctor, cares about his patients. I’ve healed greatly under his care and now get to maintain vitalistic health. I’ve been to many chiropractors and Dr. Mike is one of my favorites. He is educational and informative, which sets him apart from many others, you see results in his office.”
Bill Hobbs
Satisfied Patient
“I’ve been going to chiropractors for decades and even though they helped my back , they didn’t help other aspects of my body. I have been going to Mike for about a year and he works on your entire nervous system. I am sleeping better have more energy and able to play tennis longer than before. I am grateful for these changes”
Larry Stewart
Satisfied Patient
“My experience with Dr. Moratto gave me hope and a better understanding of my body. His knowledge of the brain, nervous system and everything connected to it is amazing. He will find the root cause of your issues and give you a road map to get better, unlike other doctors who just treat the symptoms. Everyone needs a Dr. Mike in their life. It will truly change it for the better.”
Charles Mason
Satisfied Patient

“I met Dr. Mike at an event more than two years ago. I have seen many different doctors over the years, including several chiropractors. No one has the compassion or healing prowess that radiates through Mike’s hands.

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After two years, I am feeling like I felt 30 years ago. The pain is almost totally gone, and I feel great for the first time in many years. Thank you Dr. Mike and I look forward to the next couple years under your care.”

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Christopher Williams
Satisfied Patient

“Mike is the best! Love his entire approach to health, his intentionality and genuineness. If you’re new to chiropractic care, Mike is a great sage to learn how your body can and should function as he guides you along the way to an overall better life.”

Lorraine Dale
Satisfied Patient
“Dr Mike was referred to me by several people in the wellness field that I respect very highly. Even going in with high expectations, I was very impressed with the significant results he achieved in only a few visits. Dr Mike’s unique approach to chiropractic adjustment delivers outstanding results! You will not be disappointed!”
Haley Turpin
Satisfied Patient
“I’ve been under care with Dr. Mike for a little over a month and already notice tremendous health changes. I’ve noticed more energy and mental clarity. Dr. Mike enters the adjustment with a great amount of intent and focus each visit. I am thankful for this support during a big transition in my life!”