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Open Hearts, Connected Minds.

Every organ in your body is connected to the one under your hat.
-B.J Palmer
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An empowered community where people live an Unlimited life, limited only by their imagination.



To elevate and empower the community of Smyrna in health so that they may live a purposeful life with an open heart and connected mind.



 To serve from a space of compassion and understanding in a way that guides, teaches and strengthens the community on health and happiness.



                                                          Chiropractic is about allowing the body to heal itself by providing an environment in which it operate properly, in the basis of chiropractic we adjust the spinal column and other joints of the body which makes the body adapt better to the external environment. We will never utilize drugs or surgery to treat your body, we think everything that you ever needed is already inside of you. We focus on something called Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) which is type of analysis within a whole bunch of chiropractic analysis's in which we utilize a map already located in your body to find what is causing what you're coming to see us for. Your body will already know what is going on. BGI doesn't just stop at the bone, we go into soft tissue, muscular system and your whole life can change from being under this care. Ready to get started? 



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Optimal Brain Function

Here at Innate Connection we realize that everything goes back to out master control center which is... you guessed it, YOUR BRAIN! Everything we do is keeping your brain in mind and we have some pretty amazing tools to measure hows yours is functioning. Come try them out today!



Do we wake up and wonder why we have the body that is designed the way it is? We were created as a perfect being to do amazing feats and I want everyone to be able to move to their best extent and we professionalize in movement and wellbeing.

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“Being under chiropractic care has changed the way that I experience life day to day. It is a beautiful thing to be able to break free from stress and anxiety. I feel like a better version of myself, and that I get to know and express myself more with each adjustment. I couldn’t recommend a better place to get adjusted!”
— Jessica gyoke